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Welcome, glad you found us. Here we tend to take ourselves a little less seriously than many other bizarre performers while still delivering quality products.

When I released Funeral Sampler I realized I needed a webpage to take orders. Rather than just offer a site that did nothing but collect money I wanted to offer something of value, to give back to the community. I realized that I have been writing reviews for The Linking Ring since the year 2000 and 99% will never be seen even though they were all spinning away on my hard drive. So with permission of the publisher I am in the process of posting them. They are searchable and categorized for easy access. While many of these items are no longer available from the original source you can at least¬†read the review before buying on the used markets. I hope you find this of value. They are all accessible from the “Reviews” link in the header.I have posted over 200 reviews (who knew?) and there may be a few more coming but for the most part it is complete. Please send me comments or subscribe to my email list from the Contact page. I have disabled comments on the reviews as I don’t have the time to moderate and remove the spam.

Also, please be sure to read the first post in the Reviews section. Kenton Knepper was burglarized and needs our help. Please do what you can, Kenton is one of the good guys.


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