Funeral Sampler


No one likes to think about their funeral, but here is a fun way to bring it into your act. Whether played for full comedy or just a lighter look at death, this routine is for you. Using just 4 pocket sized price lists and a prediction revelation of your choice (or use the included Life Insurance prediction) prediction you cover the basics from casket to headstone to service, delivered from 4 different providers. Whether the casket is provided by Funerals R Us or Hobbs and Sons, you always know exactly what the full package will cost.

The package includes routine suggestions for one on one presentations, parlor or small groups, and full stage with 5 volunteers onstage assisting. This is something that truly packs flat and plays big.

Everything you need to have 3 different results is included, so repeat performances can have different results, because even if your audience is always changing the support staff sees the show multiple times, so having different results will continue amazing even them.

Comes complete with brochures that are professionally printed (on coated paper to resist tears, water, alcohol and blood) from 5 different funeral homes, 3 life insurance policies, and instructions filled with presentations and suggestions.

Here’s what others are saying:

Gallows humor has existed from the time of antiquity, so why not take advantage of our natural inclination to make light of death and funerals to have lots of fun with your audiences?

Funeral Sampler is an offbeat mentalism effect that plays on two of man’s oldest comedic foils, death and funerals with a healthy dose of ex wives and greed thrown in.

It was more fun that I expected

-Rolando Santos, Assistant Editor The Linking Ring

 I have used it a few times and it has gotten a great reaction – Marc DeSouza


This is available directly from us for $80 shipped. Shipping will begin January 15, 2016, order now and be one of the first to receive it.


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