The Sweet Psychic



In this 42-page e-book Fred explains his full easy-to-use yet deceptively powerful system AND includes three complete scripts that illustrate how to use it for maximum impact.

In addition, he saves you the trouble of going out and buying bags of candy by providing you with beautiful color photographs of the candy he uses and sample reading layouts. These photographs not only illustrate how the system works, but allow you to start practicing it right away in the privacy of your home.

As if this weren’t enough, Fred also lays out how to extend the reading when the situation calls for it, what to do if the client can’t think of a suitable question, how to transform the reading from answering a single question into a pure psychological reading, how to use the system for two-person readings, and a list of resources you can use if you want to delve even deeper into this unique method of divination.

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